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In Memory of Shihan Jonathan

Shihan Jonathan Sandler

After knowing Jonathan for almost 30 years since 1981, his death was a bad surprise, even more so as it was totally unexpected.

He was a good friend, long standing colleague in Kushido, a good training partner and always good company to be with. To me he was also a good example of how to put many facets of one’s life under one hat.

He managed in spite of his high powered job to sit down and play the guitar, which inspired me to start as well. He always had (or maybe I should say made) the time to go to the Dojo and teach his classes. Also he made time for friends. I knew him in many different situations, in different locations over the world, from Africa to Europe and Australia. Distance was not a problem to him to keep the contacts going. He made a regular effort to stay in touch with emails and lengthy phone calls.

He also made a very good effort to stay in touch in the Karate-Do development. He took part on many courses all over the world and was always keen to share his new discoveries on his various visits to us.

His enjoyment in life was catching. He was always full of humour and jokes despite of his serious job and business encounters. He was a humble person which stayed on the ground and enjoyed the company of easy going people.

We all know he was always keen for a party. I still remember him going to our main town Stans looking for the nightlife. With a big grin he came back a few hours later, saying the most action in Stans was at the grave yard. That was his way of saying Stans is not exactly like Melbourne with its 24 hours of action.

I have many good memories of times spent with Jonathan. His warm hearted way and company will be missed by many. Let his unexpected death remind us to live and make time for friends and not delay anything, to enjoy each day to its fullest, as we never know when it will be the last one.

Paul Baumann


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