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Shihan Juanita Baumann

Shihan Juanita Baumann

1983 Juanita Myburgh (later Baumann) started with Karate Training in Cape Town under the tuition of Shihan Denis St. John Thomson.

1983-86 she trained intensively taking part in all courses and Gashuku’s. During this time she got to know Paul Baumann who became her husband later on.

1986, 2nd. June Paul und Juanita Baumann opened the doors of the current Kushido-European Honbu-Dojo in Stansstad.

1989  Paul und Juanita Baumann opened a  Kushido Dojo in Hochdorf, which Juanita has been running since 1999.

With the help of the Black Belt team teaching at the Dojo’s,  Paul and Juanita could spend time in South Africa to further their developement in the Martial Arts especially in the fields of Kobudo and Tai-Chi.

Many seminars and courses followed:
• Edward Jardine Ryukyu-kobudo-jutsu, South Africa
• Chungliang Al Huang, Tai-Chi America
• Brian Avery, Musoshinden Iai-do School, England
• Tony Ward, Tai-Chi works, Push Hands, Australia
• Chris Luth, Emerald Dragon Qi-Gong, America
• Hermann Kauz, Tai-Chi Chuan, Push Hands, America
• Leif Hermanson, Combat Martial Arts Academy, Sweden
• Nathan Johnson, Ko-do Ryu, England
• Patrick Mc Carthy, Koryu-Uchinadi, Australia
• Raymond Towers, Taiji Qigong Foundation, England

1999 Juanita received Shihan title

Up to now:
• Participation in over 50 Gashuku‘s
• International teaching experience in Australia, Alderney, England, Holland, Israel, South Africa, Hungary
• Educated in Foot Reflexology and classical Massage
• Instructor of the government teaching program for the youth in Mountain Biking and Karate
• Many Circle Dancing courses in England and Germany
• Qualified in First Aid

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