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Renshi Paul Baumann

Renshi Paul Baumann

1978 Paul Baumann began for the first time with his Karate training in the Shotokan School Karate-Do Renmei in Zurich under the guidance of Koichi Sugimura.

1981, not all together happy with the training he changed to the Karate-Do International in Urdorf, the Goju-Ryu School of Werner Bürgi.

This new style was exactly what he was looking for. Already after 2 years he decided to become a professional Karate instructor. For this he would have to go to the head quarters of the school in South Africa

1983 – 1986 during 3 years he trained as an Uchi-Dechi in South Africa with the founder of the School Karate-Do International (later named Kushido School) Hugh St. John Thomson and his brother Denis. He finished his so called apprenticeship as a qualified instructor, graded as a 2nd Dan blackbelt. During this time he also got to know his wife Juanita Baumann.
Back in Switzerland, he discovered that his Instructor Werner Bürgi with his school had joined the Goju-Kai Organisation of Yamaguchi.
So he couldn’t do much else but start up his own Karate School in Switzerland, which was later named the Kushido School Switzerland.

1986, 2nd of June Paul and Juanita Baumann opened the doors of todays  Kushido-Europe Honbu-Dojo in Stansstad.

With the help of the black belt team teaching at the Dojo, Paul and Juanita could spent lots of time for their further development with their teachers in South Africa. Especially in the fields of Kobudo and Tai-Chi.

1990-92, during 3 years Paul trained intensively in the Aikido School Kyu-Shin Kai in Lucerne under the guidance of Kurt Bartholet. During this time he participated also in many training weeks with very renowned instructors like; Saito Morihiro, Tomita Takeji, Endo Seishiro, Ikeda Masatomi and Frank Doran.

Many seminars and courses followed with:
Edward Jardine Ryukyu-Kobudo-Jutsu, South Africa
Rao Rao Zhau, Tai-Chi Long Sword, South Africa
Steve Arneil and Jeff Wybrow, Kyokushinkai, England
Brian Avery, Musoshinden Iai-Do School, England
Tony Ward, Tai-Chi works, Push Hands, Australia
Chris Luth, Emerald Dragon Qi-Gong, United States of America
Hermann Kauz, Tai-Chi Chuan, Push Hands, United States of America
Leif Hermanson, Combat Martial Arts Academy, Schweden
Nathan Johnson, Ko-do Ryu, England
Patrick Mc Carthy, Koryu-Uchinadi, Australia
Raymond Towers, Taiji Qigong Foundation, England

2202-03 followed another 2 intensive years of training in the Aikido School Kyu-Shin Kai in Lucerne with participation in various seminars with Jan Nivelius and Frank Ostoff.

1997 received Paul the title of Shihan
1999 followed the grade of 6. Dan
2004 he was awarded the title of Renshi

Until today:
Participation of over 50 Gashukus
International course experience in Australia, Alderney, England, Nederland, Israel, South Africa, Hungary
Qualified as med. Masseur
Instructor of government teaching program for the youth in Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and of course Karate
Qualified in first aid and CPR, and in Life Saving

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